Music of the Psalms

Psalmistry Music and Related Links

 Directories: Christian Music and Commentaries

Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI). One of the major sources of music for churches. Huge, searchable inventory, including sheet music.

Textweek. Extensive and well organized set of resources for sermons and study, including commentaries and music links (including

Midi, Notation, Sheet Music, Bible Programs

Noteworthy Composer. My notation/recording program of choice. Much simpler to use than Sibelius or Finale. Mouse, keyboard and dictation friendly. NWC files may be played and printed via the browser or, as a downloaded file, by using the Noteworthy Composer Viewer. The Viewer can also play midi files.

Harmony-Central One of the many sites featuring freeware/shareware/trial sequencing programs. Great resource for the budding artist. Articles, resources, information on using midi to create music.

Adobe Acrobat Reader. A nearly universal file format. Acroread is free. Many free or shareware programs also available including the built in PDF Reader in Microsoft Edge and extensions available for Google Chrome and Firefox.

Basic Manuscript Paper. Sample freely downloadable. Search/Google for other manuscript paper.


Biblepro. Very easy-to-use and free Bible software. Multiple renditions, including NIV, King James and Darby.


Sons of Korah (Australian Group). Nicely done Psalms. Good voices, harmonies and productions.

Infinitely More. Wonderful music, wonderful site. The couple travels throughout, offering workshops and other suppport for churches of all denominations.

Misc. Music and Other Links

Theory [Courtesy of the U.S. Navy (that's right!)]. Basic Music I, Basic Music II (Types of Music and Terms), Theory (Harmony). All in PDF format. Great Resources (but warning: files are quite large).



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