Psalmistry Music provides original lyrics, sheet music (including guitar chords), MP3, Midi and NWC (Noteworthy Composer) files for each of the Psalms (all 150 of them) for study, worship, praise and contemplation. The following is a brief guide as to the types of files and other resources.

1. The lyric pages can be printed and used as overheads or as lead sheets.

2. Sheet music (including guitar chords and diagrams, as appropriate) is in pdf format. See also Noteworthy Composer below.

3. MP3 files are provided for downloading and listening. Unlike midi and NWC files, MP3 files sound essentially the same across all platforms and soundcards.

4. Midi files are great working files. Because the "sound" will vary depending on the user's soundcard and soundfonts, I have used a vanilla piano soundfont. A person may need to enable "midi" files in their browser and their music players. Midi files can be downloaded.

5. NWC files are produced by my notation/recording program of choice, Noteworthy Composer. NWC files may be played and printed via the browser or, as a downloaded file, by using the Noteworthy Composer Viewer. The Viewer can also play midi files.

6. Music Theory [Courtesy of the U.S. Navy (that's right!)]. Basic Music I, Basic Music II (Types of Music and Terms), Theory (Harmony). All in PDF format.

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