The Psalmistry

Original Music for the 150 Psalms


1. Day and night I cry to You.
Are You not the God who saves?
Turn Your ear unto my plea.
For my life draws to the grave.
Where are You Lord?

2. Are Your wonders for the dead?
Do their spirits rise in praise?
Does Your love speak but in ruins?
Does Your love speak from the grave? (Alt: Does it speak but from the grave?)
Where are You Lord?

3. Lord, my eyes are dim with pain.
As I spread my hands to Thee.
Why do You reject me Lord?
Hide Your face, Your face from me?
Where are You Lord?

4. From my youth, I've suffered Lord.
My life draws close to the end. (Alt: Life has drawn close to the end)
Troubles drown me like a flood.
Darkness is my closest friend.
Where are You Lord?



© 1995-2021 Stephen J. Pearson