All Psalms Christian Music
Directory and Site Map

All Psalms Christian Music Directory and Site Map lists and briefly describes the major pages. These may be accessed by clicking on the highlighted text. Most pages also have a bar of links to relevant pages for easy navigation. See also the Links page for useful tools, sites, and directories or search engines.

1. Home: Brief site overview.
2. Directory: Provides a link for all Psalms to
    * 171 song lyric files, which in turn link to each song-related:
        *.mp3 soundclip (171 files),
        *.mid file (171 files)
        *.nwc file (171 files)
        *.pdf file (171 files)
3. Midi/Lyrics/Sheet Music Scores: Brief overview of  the main file types.
4. Help: Help in working with lyric, midi and sheet music files.
5. Styles: Describes song collection styles: contemporary, gospels, spirituals, hymns, congregational, praise, worship, jewish, doxologies, etc.
6. The Psalmistry: Purpose and goals of the Psalmistry project.
7. Terms of Use: Explains terms of use.  At this time, there is no charge for non-commercial uses. However, financial contributions are requested to help support the continuing musical effort and site development/maintenance costs.   

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