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Midi, MP3, Wave, CD conversion made easy

Midi, MP3, Wave, CD conversion and creation (including direct conversion of Noteworthy Composer files) are quite easy, particularly with such utilities as MusicMatch. The following will provide step by step instructions.

Midi to MP3, Wave Files

Midi files can be converted (recorded) into MP3 or Wave files (and then CD format) using the following steps.

(a) Check the "System Mixer" settings for record functions. The "System Mixer" can typically be accessed by right clicking the volume control (normally located on the Windows task bar). The "all", "mixed output", "what U hear" or comparable option should be check marked under the record options. The volume settings might need to be adjusted to prevent distortion from overdriving.

(b) In MusicMatch, go to "Options", "Settings", "Recorder", and select "System Mixer" as the source. Be sure to also select the desired recording format.

(c) For a small upgrade price, 128 and 160 kbps (CD quality) can be selected. For web purposes, I simply use the "near CD" quality (96 kbps) that is available on the freeware version of MusicMatch. A smaller file for downloading. Hiss free.

(d) Select the desired "tracks directory" for the recorded output.

(e) Other options are also available, including adding "classification" keys, and fade in's and fade outs, and  sound clips.

(f) Open the MusicMatch recorder (under "view" or by simply hitting the red record button on the player). Type in the name or identification of the song.

(g) Open the desired file in the recording source (Noteworthy Composer, Windows media player, whatever). Not sure if it matters, but I have Noteworthy Composer port options set to "Active while Playing".

(h) Hit "Record" on the MusicMatch recorder. Promptly hit "Play" on the recording source. When the song is done, stop the MusicMatch recorder.

(i) To hear the result, open the output directory in Explorer, and drag the file into the "Playlist" window on the MusicMatch player.

The result should be a hiss-free mp3 rendition of the music.

MP3 to Wave or CD (MusicMatch)

(a) Drag the desired recorded files into the "Playlist" window on the MusicMatch player. The files can be sorted by highlighting and dragging to a different location on the Playlist window.

(b) To directly burn to a CD, right click in the in the Playlist window and select "create CD from playlist". A  screen will appear with the songs. Check the "options" tab as to the  compact disk drive and desired options before burning.

Again, the results should be hiss free and distortion free (as long as volume was checked during the initial conversion of the midi file).

Presented, courtesy of All Psalms Music.

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