The Psalmistry

Original Music for the 150 Psalms



You are an angel.
You are an angel.
You are an angel
To me.

1. In my quiet do you go.
Stir the embers of my soul.
Ever fan new warmth and care.
Things I’m glad to know are there.

2. As my footsteps tread this life.
I find joy, and, sometimes strife.
Yet no matter where I be.
You are ever close to me.

3. As I ponder, you remind,
Life is more than just the mind.
There’s so much to do and see!
Better sometimes just to be.

4. Like a sparrow in the air,
Your thoughts flutter everywhere.
As I watch you on your way,
Wings of laughter fill the day.

5. Oh, how fitting are we paired.
I’m the ground and you’re my air.
When I lift my eyes I see,
A little angel over me.



© 1995-2005 Stephen J. Pearson