The Psalmistry

Original Music for the 150 Psalms


1. Though I'm lowly,
make me holy.
Let me always follow You.
Though I err, Lord,
it's my prayer, Lord,
that I always may be true.
Be with me.
Help me, Lord,
to be true.

2. Every day, Lord
may my way, Lord,
be directed by Your hand.
In my living,
in my giving,
may I be a better man.
Lead me, Lord.
Teach me, Lord,
to be true.

3. When I'm down, Lord,
You abound, Lord,
with Your everlasting care.
In my trial,
I'm Your child;
You're the parent ever there.
You are love.
Teach me, Lord,
how to love.

4. When I see, Lord,
those in need, Lord,
may I do as You have done.
Give them comfort,
give them shelter,
give them hope where there was none.
Let me love.
Let me love,
with Your love.

With Your love. With Your love.



© 1995-2005 Stephen J. Pearson