The Psalmistry

Original Music for the 150 Psalms

WHO AM I? (CCLI 7181505)

1. Who am I? What is my meaning?
Who am I? My purpose Lord?
Who am I? A fleeting moment? Something more?

Who am I? Why do I matter?
Who am I? Do I just die?
Is there meaning to the question: why am I?

Give me guidance as I ponder.
Give me light that I may see.

Is there more to this life journey, than just be?

2. In Your love, You've given answer.
I have gifts that I can share.
May I use those gifts entrusted to my care.

We are part of one another.
In connection is our worth.
I have breathed in life's communion
since my birth.

Thank You Father, I have purpose.
Thank You Father, I have worth.

In Your love, I found the answer.
For my journey on this earth.



© 1995-2021 Stephen J. Pearson