The Psalmistry

Original Music for the 150 Psalms


1. Selfless love —
May the path of my life be
selfless love,
as I feel Your love in me.

As You lived, and as You died,
that Your message might abide:
may my life
be selfless love.

2. Selfless love —
May Your love be in my prayers.
Selfless love —
It's the greatest gift we bear.

Lord, You taught us how to live,
how to comfort, how to give.
Let me share
Your selfless love.

3. Selfless love —
May it guide all that I do.
Selfless love:
'Tis the test of all that's true.

Many truths are in Thy Word,
yet the greatest of these, Lord:
It is love,
Your selfless love.



© 1995-2005 Stephen J. Pearson