Praise the Lord. Praise our mighty God.
God is good; His love is forever.
Praise the Lord. Give thanks to our God.
God is good. His love is forever.

1. Who can proclaim Your mighty acts, O God?
Who can fully state Your praise?
How blessed are those who keep Your covenant,
who are faithful in all their ways!

2. Brought forth from Egypt, trapped before the Sea —
did Your people doubt Your Word?
But then waters parted; we passed safely through.
Awesome are You our Lord!

3. Lost in the desert, many times we strayed.
We complained, lost faith in You.
We turned our backs upon the promised land —
yet, our God, you were ever true.

4. Often we stray, rebel against You, Lord.
Yet Your love forgives our sin.
How great Thy mercy, that we can be saved,
when we turn to You again!



Copyright Stephen J. Pearson

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