Free Christian Sheet Music, Midi and MP3 Files

Free Christian sheet music, midi and MP3 files provided by All Psalms Music, provides original songs for each of the psalms, including lyrics scores and guitar chords for each psalm. Click on Home or Christian Sheet Music Directory links for further information and to access the songs.

General information relating to use of Christian sheet music and related files.

Free Christian sheet music, midi and mp3 files are provided at this time for non-commercial use. See Terms of Use for further info and other uses. All music is original and attempt to summarize the original wording and/or concept of a Psalm. Consistent with goals of teaching and praise, I've attempted to create melodies that stick in the mind like oatmeal. The work reflects a multiple year effort and will continue to grow and change over time. 

The compositions encompass a variety of styles, including traditional, contemporary, praise and worship, spirituals, devotional, and doxologies. See the following as examples: Psalm 5, 8, 21, 22, 23, 29, 52, 57, 61, 6386, 95, 124, 139, and the 119 series.

Instructions follow. Additional Help is contained in the Help page.

PDF scores may be viewed and printed through the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, or Adobe's full Acrobat programs. Both are available at

NWC scores were produced using Noteworthy Composer. The viewer or player  (for viewing and playing of scores) and the full program may be downloaded at  Please note that due to recent changes in Internet Explorer, the NWC browser plug in now only works with Netscape, Opera and Mozilla.

Lyrics for each Psalm are provided for music overheads, song books and/or viewing while the associated midi  file is played. I have provided a search engine in the Music Directory to facilitate selection for worship or devotional purposes.

"Clean" Printing (without the graphics). (1) In Internet Explorer, select "Tools", "Internet Options, "Advanced" and unclick "Print Background Colors and Images". (2) In Netscape, select "File", "Page Setup". Make sure that the option of printing background material is de-selected. Or to Save, select "Save As" under the browser/program File menu.

Midi files are playable by most browsers and media players. Midi files are small, quickly downloaded, and the key can be modified to accommodate different vocal or instrument ranges. Unfortunately, the sound will differ considerably depending upon the sound card. Thus, I have included an alternate directories, one of which points to the Psalms orchestrated in a simple and more generic piano sound.

Since sound cards differ, I have also included mp3 files to reflect what the songs sound like on my equipment. These files, though large, tend to sound the same on all sound cards. 


All Psalms Web Page Summaries

1. Home: Brief site overview.
2. Purpose: Purpose and goals of the Psalmistry project.
3. Directory/Index: Provides a link for all Psalms to
    * 171 song lyric files, which in turn link to each song-related:
        *.mp3  (171 files),
        *.mid file (171 files)
        *.nwc file (171 files)
        *.pdf file (171 files)
4. Terms of Use: Explains terms of use.  At this time, there is no charge for non-commercial uses. 
5. Sheet Music, Midi, MP3, Lyric Help: Help in using the various files.
6. Links: Links to Christian Search Engines and other useful sites and programs.
7. Styles: Describes song collection styles: contemporary, gospels, spirituals, hymns, congregational, praise, worship, jewish, doxologies, etc.

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