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Christian sheet music, song lyrics based on All Psalms are original musical compositions. Christian midi hymnal has nearly 1000 original sheet music scores, song lyrics, midi files by Psalmistry Music.

Psalms are intended for music. The very term means "song". Psalmistry offers a unified teaching, religious worship resource based on Psalms set to contemporary Christian music. Use for teaching, praise, worship, lectionary readings, bible studies. This site includes extensive:

  • christian sheet music scores,
  • overhead lyric sheets,
  • midi and mp3 files
  • internal search engine.

All compositions are original and summarize the original wording and concept of a Psalm in the lyrics. Consistent with goals of teaching and praise, I've attempted to create melodies that stick in the mind like oatmeal. The work reflects a multiple year effort and will continue to grow and change over time.

For immediate examples, click on: Psalms 5, 8, 21, Psalm 22, 23, 29,

Sheet music scores include melody line, accompaniment, guitar chords, and lyrics in two formats. Pdf files are viewed and printed using Adobe software. Nwc files work with Noteworthy Composer shareware. Lyric pages are provided for viewing while a song is playing and for overheads during music worship.

The midi format is playable by most browsers and media players. Midi files are small, quickly downloaded, and the key can be modified to accomodate different vocal or instrument ranges.

Since sound cards differ, I have also included MP3 sound clips. These files tend to sound the same on all sound cards, unlike midi files. MP3 files are large. Thus, I included just 15 second sound clips to provide the intended flavor of the song and melody.


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