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Christian Music updates will be provided on a regular basis as time permits. I hope to continually improve the site by offering new renditions of the Psalms, other music, and improvements/tools to facilitate site use.

Further information on the site and resources are available by clicking on the Christian Music Index, Home and Help buttons below. The Index has links to all 150 Psalms and alternate renditions.

 As noted in the Help pages and music directories, elsewhere, the main midi files were optimized for an Ensoniq and Creative Live Sound Card (using the S/W Synth). They can be accessed through the general Christian Music Directory. More generic piano sounding renditions are available for other cards through the alternate Music Directory (Piano) . Orchestration and effects (reverb, sustain, chorus, etc.) may need to be adjusted for playback on other cards. For a sense of the intended sound, I have provided mp3 files.

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