Psalms set to Music:
Hymns, Spirituals, Contemporary Christian, Gospel, Jewish Music Styles

Psalms lend themselves to a multitude of musical styles, including hymns, spirituals, contemporary Christian, gospel and Jewish music styles.

The Psalms vary in mood, purpose and style.  They may be deeply religious or quiet prayer. They may "hymns". They may be lively praise and worship, gospel music, spirituals. The sheer breadth and range of expressions in the Psalms shape the melodies and songs.

All Psalms Music provides a unified teaching and religious worship resource using the Psalms as reset in a contemporary Christian and Jewish music formats. Potential uses include teaching, praise, worship, lectionary readings and biblical studies.

I have attempted to summarize the original wording and concept of a Psalm in the lyrics. Consistent with goals of biblical teaching, study, worship and praise, my goal has also been to create melodies that stick in the mind.

This Web site provide sheet music scores, lyrics, and midi files for all 150 Psalms, together with a search engine.  I will continue to revise and add to the music.

For quick examples, click on any of the following: Psalm 115, 119, 121, 124, 125, 131, 133, 138, 139.

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