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1. O Lord, in my actions,
in my coming, in my going —
O Lord, in my thinking,
You are there, You are there!

O Lord, in the Heavens,
from horizon to horizon:
from You is no hiding,
You are there, You are there!

You have searched me and know me,
Your hand is upon me.
All I do, all I am is known to You!

2. O Lord, was my being
not created by Your Spirit?
You knit me together
as I formed in the womb.

All the days before me
have been written in Your records:
my years preordained, Lord, from
my birth to the tomb.

How precious Your thoughts, Lord!
How vast in their number!
'Tis in awe, that I meditate on You!

3. O Lord, You have searched me —
test my heart, test my spirit.
I stand now before You;
I am naked in Your sight.

If there is within me
any way that is offensive,
then lead me, in Your mercy,
with Your everlasting Light!



Copyright Stephen J. Pearson

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